Franci Greyling

Franci Greyling grew up in a house full of children. As the second eldest of seven children, she often invented stories and games for her younger siblings. She was a real bookworm, started making verses early, and writing essays was the most enjoyable homework.

After passing her matric at “Hoërskool Drie Riviere” in Vereeniging, she was a student at the “Burgerlike Beskermingskollege” in George for a year. Here, in addition to marching, shooting, first aid and firefighting, she also learned to type. After this she achieved - in the shade of Potchefstroom’s oak trees - BA and HOD with the majors Afrikaans, Psychology and Biblical Studies. She was actively involved in student life and constantly took photos to develop it herself in the darkroom.

She started teaching at “Hoërskool Overkruin” in Pretoria in 1981. From April 1987 to June 2002 she was attached as Head of the Department of Educational Guidance at “Hoërskool Pretoria-Noord”. Since July 2002 she has been a lecturer in Writing (School of Languages) at the North-West University. She is also involved in presenting writing courses with the ATKV and the ATKV writing school.

Her first youth story, “Die deur mekaarste herfs”, appeared in 1984. Stories against a historical background are “Helena in die tyd van die tente” and “Dirkie, Drieka, Frederika”.

Because she is naturally curious, she continued her studies. She obtained BA Hons and BEd (Psych) at the University of Pretoria and MA and PhD at the PU for CHE. The study topics Space in the children’s book with reference to the work of recognized Afrikaans children’s book authors were led by dr. Elsabe Steenberg, and The choice, creation and presentation of characters in stories for 11-14-year-olds under the guidance of prof. Hans du Plessis.

Franci likes to be creative. As an organizer, researcher and artist, she is involved in interdisciplinary creative and research projects. Furthermore, she builds and maintains Storiewerf, makes artist books, and enjoys traveling and discovering new lands and places.

Franci is currently Professor of Creative Writing at North-West University.


  • 1984: Die deurmekaarste herfs (J.P. van der Walt)
  • 1985: Helena in die tyd van die tente (Tafelberg)
  • 1988: Dirkie, Drieka, Frederika (Tafelberg) Sanlamprys vir Jeuglektuur brons
  • 1991: Om te wag op ‘n duif (Tafelberg)
  • 1991: Kransduif en edelvalk (J.P. van der Walt)
  • 1992: Kort voor cul de sac (Tafelberg)
  • 1995: Die meisie van Melrosehuis (Human & Rousseau)
  • 1997: Vleuels soos die arende (Tafelberg) Tienerboek
  • 2007: Formule Drie, Twee, Een! (Tafelberg) Prenteboek saam met Vian Oelofsen.
  • 2007: Formula Three, Two, One! (Tafelberg)

Booklets as part of a reading series at Unibook:

  • Om eendag te vlieg – 1991
  • Meisie sonder naam – 1993
  • Staptog – 1994

Poems in the “Nuwe Kinderverseboek, Toulopers, Rymreise, Vonkverse 1, Vonkverse 2”

Contributions to: “In die kollig” (compiled by Lizz Meiring)

Short stories and contributions to “Boereoorlogstories” (compiled by Jeanette Ferreira), Literator, Sarie, Beeld, Huisgenoot, Taalgenoot.

Artists Books:

  • Avontuur (2008)
  • Tinboektoe toe (2010)
  • Mooirivier: Weerspieëling en weerklank (2013)

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